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2018 in Review

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the officers, volunteers and club as a whole, BOCK accomplished quite a bit in 2018:

  • BOCK officially became a 501(c)(3) Educational Nonprofit.
  • The Technology Team has been working on a new BOCK website. More info below.We opened up a new bank account to bring us into this century with digital banking.
  • FROTH delivery emails have been updated to a non-pdf version, making them (among other things) mobile friendly.
  • Brewer Dude’s Mash Madness was formed as an annual club-only competition.
  • Countless medals and awards; especially winning Bluegrass Cup Best of Show with the club’s Flanders Red. See the full list of victories from BOCK members.

Renewal Time

A new year means it’s time to renew or join. Here are some of the perks of being a BOCK member:

  • 10% discount at Brewer Dude Homebrew Store
  • Several annual club-only competitions (we had 5 last year)
  • BJCP training available (additional cost, limited spots, occurs every other year)
  • Feedback on your brews
  • Members’ tasty brews
  • An open and friendly community (saved the best for last)

Changing of the Guards

The January meeting marks the beginning of the new officers’ tenure. If you want to know more about the club, feel free to strike up a conversation at the next meeting:

  • Ryan Smalley – Primary Fermenter
  • Dirk Franzen – Secondary Fermenter
  • Kelly Stitzer – Treasurer
  • Clay Bunn – Event Coordinator (taking the reins after Bluegrass Cup)
  • Tim Meehan – Scribe
  • Chris Barnes – Director
  • Brandon Peterson – Director

While you are making your rounds, make sure you thank all of the outgoing members (Ben Hoh, Ben Shelton and Chuck Anderson; John Spicer will finish his term after the Bluegrass Cup) for doing such an awesome job of moving us forward during their 2 year stint while we transitioned into a proper 501(c)(3) Educational Nonprofit, staying on for the second year to avoid missteps during the tedious process. Make sure their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Blue Stallion Lager Competition 2019

You can pick up your yeast now! Take a clean/sterile container to Blue Stallion and talk to Dave or Jim. Turn in dates have not been set yet, but Jim said it will be roughly 12 weeks (somewhere around April 19th). We’ll share more info as we get it.


Signups are live for the 2019 National Homebrewing Competition. Open enrollment is from January 22 to January 29 (you don’t specify styles at this time, just how many you would like to submit). They will let entrants know how many entries they have no later than 2/14. Once an entrant is notified, they then have 7 days to pay and register their beers/styles. Note: You must be an AHA member to register. Get those beers ready and make a good BOCK showing. And if you need another reason, BOCK plans on helping members with shipment costs of entries.

All American Homebrew Competition

Just a short drive away, the 2019 All American Homebrew Competition will be in Cincinnati on February 2nd. Registration is already closed, but judges and stewards are needed, so volunteer if you can. If you’re in the fence about going, maybe the Beer Festival following the competition may tip the scales for you.

Blount County brew-off (TN)

The Blount County Brew-off is a homebrew competition organized by the Blount County Homebrewers in Maryville, TN. The coordinator of this competition has come up and judged the Bluegrass Cup with us, so let’s show some reciprocity and participate and judge in their competition. Registration for entries and judges is now open and ends Feb 16. Judging takes place on Feb 23 in Maryville.

Dirk has volunteered to take entries to the competition as long as you can get them to him by February 21st. If you are interested in having Dirk haul your beer down, reach out to him at secondary@bockbrew.com.

Lemons Mill Brewery Competition

Harrodsburg’s Lemons Mill Brewery is having their second annual competition on February 22nd. Entries due February 18th through 21st. The winner’s beer will go on tap at Lemons Mill Brewery with the proceeds from that beer going to charity. Let’s represent BOCK well and be a good neighbor by supporting them as competitors and as volunteers!

BrewerDude.com’s Mash Madness

Round 2 is over!

  • Tropical Stout: Blake Nickell beat Chris Barnes
  • Foreign Extra Stout: Miller and Miracle beat the Stitzers
  • Irish Stout: Jeff Kirkner beat Ben Hoh
  • English Golden Ale: O’Gorman and Spicer beat Ryan Harding

Round 3 has started!

  • Saison: O’Gorman and Spicer vs. Jeff Kirkner
  • Belgian Golden Strong Ale: Blake Nickell vs. Miller and Miracle

Blue Stallion Brewer Focus

Blue Stallion will bring in a home brewer once a month to work with David on a Test Batch. Josh Stitzer was the first brewer in this strangely familiar, but newly structured program! Reach out to David at Blue Stallion with an idea or two for a Test Batch if you are interested in being a featured brewer.

Highlight: Ryan Smalley

Your new Primary Fementor
Ryan Smalley has been a member of BOCK since 2013. He has served as the Event Coordinator in 2016, followed by a 2-year tenure as the Secondary Fermenter. His numerous accolades have represented our club well (mostly by bringing up the club average). Here are just a few:

  • 2018 Bluegrass Cup: 1st Place ‐ Specialty IPA
  • 2018 Bluegrass Cup: 2nd Place ‐ American IPA
  • 2018 KY State Fair: 1st Place – Alternative Grain Beer
  • 2018 National Homebrew Competition Round 1: 3rd Place – Saison
  • 2017 KY State Fair: 1st Place – Fruit and Sour Beer
  • 2017 Blue Stallion Lager Competition: 1st Place – Gin and Tonic Pilsner
  • 2017 Hammerdown: Three 1st Place, one 2nd Place and 2 3rd Place medals
  • 2016 KY State Fair: BIS – Double IPA
  • 2016 NHC: 1st Place – Pilsner
  • 2016 NHC: 1st Place – American IPA
  • 2015 KY State Fair: 1st Place – Double IPA

New Website

The new BOCK website is almost complete and ready to share with the club. We’ll talk about it more at the February meeting.

BOCK T-Shirts

We plan to place a bulk order for BOCK T-Shirts before the next meeting. Keep an eye on your email for details.

Lexington Craft Beer Week

The dates have been set for the Lexington Craft Beer Week! Mark your calendars off for May 10-19 so you don’t double-book yourself and check Lex Beer Scene’s LCBW page for updates and additions to the festivities.

Midway Library – Homebrew Lesson

A big thanks to Harck Pickett and Ryan Smalley for furthering the education side of our mission as a 501 (c)(3) Educational Nonprofit by talking to prospective homebrewers at the Midway Library on January 17th! Thanks to Ben Hoh for organizing this and putting the presentation together!