Bluegrass Cup

Our big event of the year is under way!

  • We will be holding the 2019 Bluegrass Cup at the Four Points Sheraton on Saturday, June 8th.
  • The registration page is now live: and registration is open.
  • Entries will be due May 25th (registration and turn-in)
  • We need volunteers! Sign up to judge/steward by creating or editing your account on
  • This event helps us to pay for the awesome club perks (and keeps membership costs low) throughout the year, so get your beers entered and sign up to judge or steward to help make sure we have enough volunteers.

New Website

The new BOCK website is live!

You’ve heard the officers mention it for months. Now the time is here. BOCK now has a new website. So what now? Get registered! About half of the members have already signed up, but we want all of our members to reap the benefits of the new site that only come for BOCK members.

How to Register:

  • Go to Not seeing a new website? You need to refresh your browser. Here are some instructions. On a PC in most browsers you can click and hold CTRL + F5.
  • Create an account here. When not logged in you will find this link under “Members”.
  • Fill out your account with a photo and membership info (go to the members page, find your profile and click edit).
  • Once registered your account will be flagged for approval by an officer. Once it is approved you will receive an email letting you know.
  • Now you have access to member-only areas of the site such as “Topics”, where club events like barrel fills and bulk malts are discussed, and “Froth” where current and previous issues of Froth can be read over and over.
  • Be on the lookout for new features coming soon!’s Mash Madness Finale

The Final Round has begun! Come to the May BOCK meeting on May 13th to help us judge the final match up! Featuring two Belgian Dubbels from Blake Nickell and Jeff Kirkner, the final round will be judged by the you, the members! Get ready by getting familiar with the style. You can see the full bracket here.

Here are the BJCP guidelines: 26B – Belgian Dubbel

Blue Stallion Lager Competition 2019

Get your 3 bottles in to Blue Stallion by April 15! Please use AHA Competition Labels.

West Sixth Pro-Am

West Sixth’s annual brew-on-site competition was as smooth and organized as one could’ve hoped. It says a lot about the team that put this on that they consistently do a great job! Be sure to thank them by visiting them at any of their three locations and let them know how much we appreciate their generosity.

If you competed, please turn in your 3 bottles (with AHA Competition Labels) to West Sixth main location by May 3rd.

Hammerdown Competition

The Northern Kentucky Homebrewers’ Guild’s annual competition is coming up!

Lexington Brewing Co. Pro-Am Brewfest

Wrap up Lexington Craft Beer Week with this brew-on-site competition and beer festival, which will be held at Lexington Brewing Co.’s Cross St location on May 18th. The winner gets their beer made full production scale and entered into the GABF! The festival part of the brewfest is happening on site and will feature Lexington breweries. If you are interested in signing up, please check for an email that Ryan Smalley sent out a few weeks ago for instructions.

Lexington Craft Beer Week

The dates have been set for the Lexington Craft Beer Week! Mark your calendars off for May 10-19 so you don’t double-book yourself and check Lex Beer Scene’s LCBW page for updates and additions to the festivities.

2019 Barrels Project

The fill date for the new barrels is April 28th. If you haven’t started brewing yet, you’d better hurry!

We have 1 barrel left that is for sale from last year’s Barrel Project and currently has a $60 price tag. If you are interested, please contact

BOCK T-Shirts

The new 25th Anniversary shirt is ready to be produced. Expect an email soon for more info about how to order yours. Thanks to Chris Barnes for working on the design!

Renew or Become a New BOCK Member

Here are some of the perks of being a BOCK member:

  • 10% discount at Brewer Dude Homebrew Store
  • Several club-only competitions (we had 5 last year)
  • BJCP training available (additional cost, limited spots, occurs every other year)
  • Feedback on your brews
  • Members’ tasty brews
  • An open and friendly community (saved the best for last)

AHA Membership Discount

Brewer Dude is now offering discounted AHA memberships. If you are interested, reach out to

BOCK Business

At the April meeting, the club was asked to vote on the proposition to move our funds from our old bank to our new one (Whitaker). The vote passed easily.