Bluegrass Cup

A huge thanks goes to everyone that came out to judge, steward and help out! We had 22 medals and 2 honorable mentions go to BOCK members!

Special Thanks: John Spicer (head event coordinator), Clay Bunn (event coordinator), Dirk Franzen (head judge), Ryan Harding (head steward), Chad Shive (beer storage and misc.), Ben Hoh (raffle prize storage and judge bags)

Sorghum IPA – One of the beers that was a big hit at the competition was a Sorghum IPA. Apocalypse Brewing has reached out to the brewer to make it at their brewery. We have also acquired the recipe and will be posting in on the website (requires login and BOCK member status).

BOCK Winners (alphabetical by first name):

  • Ben Hoh: 2nd – Irish Stout
  • Brandon Garrett: 1st – Ordinary Bitter
  • Chris Barnes/Chuck Anderson: 2nd – Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer
  • Derek Caskey: 2nd – Wild Specialty Beer
  • Dirk Franzen: 1st – Douple IPA
  • Dirk Franzen: 2nd – Marzen
  • Dirk Franzen: 2nd – English Barleywine
  • Drew Speer/Clay Bunn: 2nd – Weissbier
  • Gary O’Gorman: 1st – Czech Amber Lager
  • Gary O’Gorman: 3rd – English Golden Ale
  • Jason Murray: 1st – Wee Heavy
  • Jeff Kirkner: 2nd – Belgian Dubbel
  • Joel Wheeler: 1st – Wild Specialty Beer
  • John Spicer/Ben Hoh/Chris Vandergrift: HM – Spice, Herb or Vegetable Mead
  • John Spicer/BOCK: 2nd – Specialty Wood-Aged Beer
  • Katy Miller/Stephanie Miracle: 2nd – Belgian Golden Strong Ale
  • Max Kutler: 2nd – Autumn Seasonal Beer
  • Michael Nickell: 1st – Vienna Lager
  • Michael Nickell: 2nd – Tropical Stout
  • Michael Nickell: 3rd – American Wheat Beer
  • Michael Nickell: 3rd – Belgian Dubbel
  • Ryan Harding: HM – Irish Stout
  • Ryan Sarhan: 3rd – Belgian Blond Ale
  • Ryan Smalley: 3rd – Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer

Raffle Winners:

  • Spike Brewing 15 Gallon Brew Kettle: Chuck Anderson
  • GrowlerWerks 128oz Pressurized uKeg: Joel Wheeler
  • Total Wine Private Wine Tasting for 20: Josh Despain

Club Business – Upcoming Elections

We have elections coming up for two positions for the BOCK Officer group. Treasurer and one of the Director positions will be up for voting at the July meeting. If you are considering one of these positions, feel free to reach out to an officer about it.

Learn to Homebrew

The Lexington Public Libraries invited BOCK to present a Learn to Homebrew seminar at their downtown location on June 17th. Our very own John Spicer and Ben Hoh went out to teach those that were interested and helped further our goal as a 501(c)3 Educational Non-Profit.

Kentucky State Fair Competition

The Kentucky State Fair Homebrew Competition preregistration is open. Sign up by July 1st for how many beers now to reserve your spots for $5 per entry ($8 per entry until July 10th). You don’t even need to specify styles at this stage.

Info can be found at (listed 2/3 down the page as Homebrew Beer)

Blue Stallion Lager Competition 2019

Winner will be announced at the July meeting!

Lexington Brewing Co. Pro-Am Brewfest

Turn in date has been set: Take 3 bottles to the Angliana location by July 3rd. The winner will get their beer made full production scale and entered into the GABF! Turn in dates TBD.

2019 Barrel Project

June 30th: Extracting first beer AND filling with second beer!

We will be extracting the beer from the first fill. This will immediately be followed by filling the barrels with the second beer. If you need more information, reach out to

BOCK Instagram

BOCK has started an Instagram account to highlight the events that we host and/or attend. Follow our account at

New Website

The new BOCK website is live!

You’ve heard the officers mention it for months. Now the time is here. BOCK now has a new website. So what now? Get registered! About half of the members have already signed up, but we want all of our members to reap the benefits of the new site that only come for BOCK members.

How to Register:

  • Go to Not seeing a new website? You need to refresh your browser. Here are some instructions. On a PC in most browsers you can click and hold CTRL + F5.
  • Create an account here. When not logged in you will find this link under “Members”.
  • Fill out your account with a photo and membership info (go to the members page, find your profile and click edit).
  • Once registered your account will be flagged for approval by an officer. Once it is approved you will receive an email letting you know.
  • Now you have access to member-only areas of the site such as “Topics”, where club events like barrel fills and bulk malts are discussed, and “Froth” where current and previous issues of Froth can be read over and over.
  • Be on the lookout for new features coming soon!

Renew or Become a New BOCK Member

Here are some of the perks of being a BOCK member:

  • 10% discount at Brewer Dude Homebrew Store
  • Several club-only competitions (we had 5 last year)
  • BJCP training available (additional cost, limited spots, occurs every other year)
  • Feedback on your brews
  • Members’ tasty brews
  • An open and friendly community (saved the best for last)

AHA Membership Discount

Brewer Dude is now offering discounted AHA memberships. If you are interested, reach out to