The Bluegrass Cup is the premiere Central Kentucky Homebrew Competition. Every year around May or June the competition attracts the best brewers and judges from around the country to the beautiful Bluegrass region of Central Kentucky. Be on the look out here for dates when the 2019 competition will be open. Checkout the Bluegrass Cup competition website.

2018 Winners

Ben Hoh ‐ 1st Place Best in Show ‐ European Sour Ale, Flanders Red
Ben Hoh ‐ 1st Place ‐ Flanders Red Ale
Ben Shelton ‐ 1st Place ‐ Specialty Wood‐Aged Beer
Brandon Peterson ‐ 1st Place ‐ Doppelbock
Chris Barnes ‐ 1st Place ‐ Fruit Beer: Lime Saison
Derek Caskey ‐ 1st Place ‐ California Common
Dirk Franzen ‐ 1st Place ‐ Strong Bitter
Ryan Smalley ‐ 1st Place ‐ Specialty IPA
Sam Franklin ‐ 1st Place ‐ Spice/Herb/Veg: Chipotle Porter
Ben Hoh ‐ 2nd Place ‐ Fruit Beer: Blackberry Gose
Ben Shelton ‐ 2nd Place ‐ Altbier
Ben Shelton ‐ 2nd Place ‐ Saison
Brandon Peterson ‐ 2nd Place ‐ English IPA

Clay Bunn ‐ 2nd Place ‐ Spice/Herb/Veg: Cerveza Feliz
Dirk Franzen ‐ 2nd Place ‐ Specialty Smoked Beer
Harck Pickett ‐ 2nd Place ‐ Oud Bruin
Jim Lokovich ‐ 2nd Place ‐ Double IPA
Joel Wheeler ‐ 2nd Place ‐ Wild Specialty Beer
Ryan Smalley ‐ 2nd Place ‐ Russian Imperial Stout
Ryan Smalley ‐ 2nd Place ‐ American IPA
Sam Franklin ‐ 2nd Place ‐ Specialty IPA: Black IPA
Keith Rodenhauser ‐ 3rd Place ‐ Specialty IPA: Tropical Milkshake IPA
Ben Shelton ‐ 3rd Place ‐ American Brown Ale
Brandon Garrett ‐ 3rd Place ‐ American Strong Ale
Calvin Cahall ‐ 3rd Place ‐ Irish Red Ale
Jeff Kirkner ‐ 3rd Place ‐ Russian Imperial Stout
Keith Rodenhauser ‐ 3rd Place ‐ Belgian Strong Dark Ale

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